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11 news [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] ♪ >> carpet story, people morelos after a coal mine explosion. the i am mindy basara. rescue workers are waiting for conditions to improve. our reporter reports this is being called the worst mine
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accident in the u.s. and more than 25 years. >> almost one full day after the fatal blast, the force of the explosion is still being felt. >> we had one family that had three members -- i talked to the mother. she has her oldest son who is 49, and two grandsons, 22 and 20. they were found together. >> 25 are dead. four are still missing. this rugged community continues to fight for the strategy. for 25 families, the agony of the loss, for four more, the frustration and from not knowing. it released a dangerous buildup of methane. there was a safe haven the missing men may have rushed to. >> the prayers are what we need. the prayers are what we need. >> for this family, there will
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not be a miracle. he was killed yesterday, just five weeks before he would have retired. >> he has been a minor for over 30 years. he loved it. that was his life. >> that is a family that must now take account how to live their lives without him. >> toyota faces more trouble that could affect their bottom line in the form of historic fines. another car accident is being blamed on the accelerator problem. it will have more details later in our broadcast in our "consumer alert." >> a list of little bit of a sprinkle this morning. a couple of showers rolled through. they were not very heavy. it did not last long. check out the temperatures. this is more like a summer. 84 downtown. let us say it again. 84 degrees downtown. the normal high today is 61.
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at the airport it is 81. it is cooler down to the south. 85-88 generally, more like 88 and maybe even 89 downtown. we will flirt with a 90 degrees today and tomorrow. they are calling for a high of 90 in d.c.. morse on for at least one more day. details on another -- more sunshine poured least one more day. details on another front. >> thank you. legislatures have a lot of work to do is only a handful of bills have been passed. some believe this is an election year and politicians are playing it safe. we have more on the specific legislation ted >> out of the bills introduced, the house has passed 15 pieces of legislation. in the senate, which has fewer
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members, so far only 28 bills have been passed. when the house convenes, delegates will resume debate on the ganged bill. at issue is the very definition ng.the word game ti a ban on the hand-held cell phone has not cleared the house. a bill to close a loophole discovered in the murder of a 11-year old by convicted sex offender -- that measure allows border states to its share -- share data. the governor's bill change in the teacher tenure process remains unresolved. the issue of shifting the costs to local jurisdictions still has to be settled by a committee. the senate voted to put a hold
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on all buy list -- bond bills for two years. >> the budget remains a big unresolved issue since the negotiators say they might have to go into extra innings. >> it was a bittersweet battle of catholic school rivals that cardinal gibbons last night. this was tempered by the fact it will be the last time cardinal gibbons takes on mount st. joe's. that is because of cardinal gibbons pending closure at the end of the year. >> we always like to come on the field against st. joe. it is a bit wryly -- it is a big rival repaired >> it is always something we look forward to. we always try a big crowd. i'll miss that next year. let's st. joe's beat cardinal gibbons last night. the crusaders say it will motivate them to even the score.
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>> a legislator is asking the school to block websites that provide affirmation about so- called alternative lifestyles. -- that provide access to so- called alternative lifestyles. access was granted following a complaint. it appears that former baltimore mayor sheila dixon's hair stylist was repaired -- was paid more often than not. -- them fought. at that point, she defended the bill because she appeared on the cable channel. a review shows about a half- dozen similar bills been submitted. public works crews continue to work on a water main in downtown baltimore. one lane remains closed. it is a vast improvement from yesterday afternoon when the entire street had to be shut down. no word on when the repairs might be completed.
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coming up, two boys are live things too quick-thinking. how the boys jumped into action. a man is arrested after going to a man is arrested after going to the wron
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at >> covering the nation after in
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nearly a year of negotiations, if president obama and the russian president will sign a nuclear weapons reduction treaty. the treaty would lead operation deployed nuclear warheads. the sign is set to take place on thursday. thanks to a quick-thinking friend, two washington state boys are safe and sound. three boys were snowboarding when an avalanche happen. at first, the 12-year-old thought it was fun, that he saw his friends being toppled over by the snow. he rushed to his friends and dug them out. >> there was two feet of snow on top of his head. it was hard for us to find his head. i stuck my hand under his helmet. his lips were purple. he had blood on the side of his mouth.
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>> one of the boys was stuck under the snow for seven minutes. he spent two nights in the hospital with serious injuries to his longest. a connecticut man is behind bars after going to the wrong house for a sex ad. it turned out to be a hoax. one of the men was 29-year-old. he went to the advertised street, but got the wrong house. she gave him the correct address. they told him to leave. instead of listening, police say he went back to the 18-year-old and sexually assaulted her. he is charged with sexual assault and trespassing telecom, toyota faces a massive fine. plus, expects to pay more to fly. >> it already fills like summer. a little shower activity has
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moved out of the white pick what does the rest of the week-old? 84 right now downtown.
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>> it is the biggest fine ever for a car-maker. if the government wants toyota to pay $16.4 million for waiting months to reveal what he knew about faulty petals. we have the details. >> toyota's acceleration problem is suspected in 52 deaths. if it does lead to hearings in congress, a criminal investigation and intense scrutiny, and now a record fine. >> is it a message not only to toyota, but to all of the companies that safety is first and that they are going to have to obey the law. they did not. they covered up and got caught.
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>> transportation secretary ray lahood said they knowingly hid a dangerous defect from u.s. officials for months. by law, they should have revealed the defect within five days of finding it. that did not happen. >> toyota knew back on september 29 that there would be a problem. we did that ever recall until january. >> 2.4 million cars have been recalled. nearly half have been resurfaced. in response to the fine, toyota says we have already taken a number of important steps. >> right now, we are starting to perform the recall. >> some drivers claim that even the fix cars still have a problem. toyota continues to investigate what is going on. >> toyota has two years -- two weeks to contest or pay the fine. if they're smart, one analyst says they will pay it fast.
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>> a utah won in his in the hospital after which it claims is another toyota malfunctioned. she says that her car accelerate out of control, even though the year and model are not in the recall. she says she had to slow down to the grass and headed straight for a chain-link fence. investigators say she was traveling at about 40 miles per hour. they say it is possible her gas pedal got stuck. she is currently recovering from back injuries. >> if you are planning to take to this guy is this summer, plan on paying more. there are more than last summer. it is being blamed on the decrease on the number of fliers, which is being -- which is pushing prices up. the ipad is up and running. customers lined up on saturday.
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the company sold 300,000 come. -- sold 300,000 of them. the biggest hawk might beat electronic magazines. the initial wave does not include those with access to wireless networks. those numbers will come up later month. >> insta-weather-plus forecast with shock. >> we talked out at 80 degrees. we saw some activity roll in. there is some activity. you can see the showers. that has passed. you see the high pressure that has built in behind it. this activity was ashley as a ship with a warm front. that is why we had -- was actually so should with a warm front. downtown, it is already 84
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degrees. near 88 in the downtown area. we are calling for a high in the mid-to-upper 80's. this is not just isolated in the mid atlantic. take a look at the search of heat all the way down the east coast. new york is looking at 60.0 right now. we will top out in the '80s. a nice spot of warm air. the reason is we have a lot of high pressure. mostly sunny for the rest of the afternoon. 85 to 88 . southwesterly winds are about 10 miles per hour. the record is 90 degrees. we will be just a little off of that mark today. some mid-atlantic cities like philadelphia and nbc have the potential to break the record. the average low -- and d.c. have
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the potential to break the record. the average low is 39. 61 is the normal high. we actually started out at about our normal height. 26 degrees is the record low. it will be great out there. it looks like mostly gray skies. what is going on? we had this warm front. it has just elevated to our north. as the day progresses, though storms will lead to the north. high-pressure well to our south. it is turning up the surge of heat. it is infiltrating the east coast. tomorrow, the high will move further. it will still have the clockwise motion. it will pump in more heat. expect more of the same for the next 48 hours. again tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. after that, it could get tricky. might be some thunderstorm
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activity thursday afternoon and evening. friday, much cooler. it looks like we will be mostly cloudy with a chance of showers for opening day. a high of about 60, which is not bad. cool for the weekend. we surged back into the '70s for next week. >> in today put the medical alert, prescription drug abuse is on the rise. a study of hospitalizations linked to painkillers finds that the number of cases jumped 65% from 1999 to 2006. intent to over cases where even higher. -- intentional overdoses or even higher. the most common was methadone. doctors and vented a lens implant that to be adjusted after the operation, giving
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perfect vision to patients with serious eye problems. one of the first to get the procedure is shortsighted. she says she is happy but they're hard to explain. >> didn't know what was going on. in new something it is interfering. -- you know something isn't and with your eyes. >> surgeons say using this is a real advance. more middle-age americans are finding it hard to get around. more than 40% of people aged 50 to 64 have a problem. the symptoms usually started in and 40 compared teenagers they're active for an hour each day at better control
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over their -- 40's. teenagers that are active for more than an hour each day have better control over their weight. that is despite genetic risk. teenagers that did not exercise and had the gene were the heaviest. doctors recommend that all kids exercise for least one hour each day. new mothers lose weight while holding their little ones. while it is not the intense version, it is very popular. it was started by professional ballroom dancer. she was inspired after she saw her husband dancing with her newborn daughter. a black -- up next, your maryland lottery numbers. >> and we will get another check of your insta-weather-plus forecast. forecast. let's see
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>> starting today, you should not need a wristwatch in baltimore city. all you need to do is look up. repairs to the tower are expected to be complete. the work began last month to repair the 99-year-old drive shaft. it is the largest four-sided caught in the world. today, on "and dr. oz" a rise in
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a bug that is not treatable. coming up today -- coming up today on oprah, it is a comedy all-star list. now, you're maryland lottery numbers. >> hello. let's get your pick three and numbers. that is 9. 5 7 your pick four is next. first, play a key note for a limited time. specially marked tickets are randomly sprinkled that you never know when you'll get one. let yourself play.
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right now we will play the four. 8214 recapping your numbers --8214. let yourself play. >> a final look at the weather. it is hot. >> yesterday, you thought it was hot. today, will top out at 87. downtown baltimore like '88 and '89. tomorrow, more of the same. more of a warm front. 80. an increasing clouds thursday.
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opening day looks cooler. >> it will be fun. thank you. thank you for dennis.
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